Getting it right A lot of marketing is common sense, however, in a business and organisational context where budgets and resources are finite, it is the thing that connects to customers and interested parties. Marketing is a cost - it should add value to what you do.

There are many aspects of marketing: business analysis, strategic planning, communications, implementation and control. A company may be looking to 'go international.' or there a need to change an organisation, so a plan for change management or simply communicating that change through internal marketing.

Often confused with marketing, sales is an aspect of it whether through direct customer contact, good sales people who engage, build relationships and make the customer feel good about their purchase are worth their weight in gold. This can and should be supported by good information in brochures, flyers and leaflets, and online in a way that informs and prompts to action – depending upon the nature of the product or service and objectives of any campaign, the message will be short or long, targeted or general. A marketer can help get that right and ensure that you work with the right creatives, integrating and honing the message in a way that adds value.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines Marketing as: "the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably."

Marketing is key to the success of any business. It is through marketing that organisations get to understand both their customers and the market within which they operate. It enables them to position their products and services effectively and so engage and communicate with those customers - whether buyers, influencers or interested parties. Advertising, a part of marketing, is worth £100b to the UK economy. There is the saying that 'half of advertising spend works, we just don't know which half!' Things are a little be more sophisticated these days, but the point it is it is a cost of doing business and needs to be properly planned and implemented.

Some questions to ask…

  • Is your organisation customer focused?
  • Is there consistency between your strategic marketing objectives and their implementation?
  • Is there cultural consistency within organisation – is everyone on board? Is there internal marketing?
  • Are you able to do a marketing audit? Can you match assets and competencies to business goals? Do you understand your market and customers?
  • How will you reach those customers? How will you communicate with them?
  • What is happening in your market – trends, competitor activity, legal considerations?

These are all questions that need to be answered. Doing marketing and doing it well, as well as having a great product or service offering, means being externally focused and internally responsive.

Key areas to consider

  • Marketing Audit - Where Are We Now?
  • Marketing Strategy - Where Do We Want To Be?
  • Marketing (Plan) Implementation - How Do We Get To Where We Want To Go?
  • Marketing: Control & Evaluation - How To We Ensure Arrival?

Of course, these processes will evolve and change over time, as the business environment and customer needs change.

Whether it is marketing planning on a strategic level or the tactical work in writing copy, designing marketing materials or developing and managing an online presence, I can help.